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Yuri Magarshak (outside Russia George Magarshak) scientist, writer, poet and bard, publicist, playwright, TV presenter, comedian, merry fellow, tragedian

In Psychology there is a theory of the mirror self. According to this theory, a person is a reflection of what others think of him.

Something similar should happen with the History of Countries. Only instead of reflections of an individual, we should talk about the reflection of countries in each other.


All countries are not angels. But, if you try to find a common denominator of what other countries think about the country, you can get an idea about this country. It's more than a theory - it's a method. Mirror WE method. According to which WE are what the people around us collectively think about us.By the way, Russian people usually think that they are thought much worse than they actually think (double reflection syndrome). In fact, the attitude towards Russia in many countries, for example, in the Czech Republic, France, is much better than the average attitude in Russia towards itself. In any case, the backbone of history must be formulated in such a way that the basic facts fit in with what is known about them from sources independent of domestic, censored or the prevailing idea of ​​the nation about itself. Constructed in this way, the history of the Russian State in many parts turns out to be unlike that which is taught in schools. Sometimes not at all canonical heroes determined her fate, and completely different victories of Russian weapons, which, for some reason, are not told enough. But that doesn't make it any less attractive and enchanting. And what else can be the history of a country that has become a gigantic empire and exists undeniably on two continents for almost five hundred years? So let's leave ridiculous complexes, stop bowing, apologies and curtsies, put aside talk about the holiness of our ancestors and ourselves, and finally get down to business.

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