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Abraham Havin


Mathematics of cyclic cosmology: The universe that existed before the Big Bang was arranged like a basket of sunflowers
Yuri Magarshak is the editor-in-chief of the Journal of New Concepts.

In the transition from one aeon to another, space - and with it the distinction between huge and small - disappears.Only corners are saved.Such a transformation in mathematics is called conformal.

The plague that created the Renaissance.Will the coronavirus pandemic take humanity to the next level?
Yuri Magarshak - editor-in-chief of the New Concepts magazine

Humanity, proud of the achievements of medicine, relying on them, is trying to get out of the coronavirus epidemic without changing.Desire to the brink of insanity.

The universe was created so that a person could watch TV and use the Internet.
Yuri Magarshak Editor-in-chief Newconcepts Journal

If we take into account not only world constants, but also fundamental equations, the result of theoretical analysis can lead to one of two and only two conclusions.